Patna Sliding Rock Deniyaya Burus Gala

Patna Sliding Rock Deniyaya ( Burus Gala )

Are you looking for an exciting outdoor activity in Deniyaya? Look no further than the Patna Sliding Rock! This natural rock formation is perfect for those looking to take a break from everyday activities. Explore this unique spot and make memories that will last a lifetime! Discover the Natural Gem of Deniyaya Deniyaya is home

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Ambuluwawa Tower at Gampola

Ambuluwawa Tower : A Breathtaking Panoramic Escape

Have you ever heard of the Ambuluwawa Temple in Sri Lanka? This magnificent temple is perched a top a mountain and offers breathtaking views. In this blog post, we’ll be exploring the history and culture of this sacred spot, as well as some tips for visiting. So grab your hiking boots, and let’s get started!

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Matale Sembuwatta Lake

Sembuwatta Lake – Matale , Sri Lanka

This attractive site of Lake is sited in Elkaduwa, Matale in Sri Lanka. Sembuwatta Lake is a tourist attracted and an elegant site of visit in Sri Lanka. And recently got high popular among local and foreign travelersgoing to places of interest as less crowded sites. This lake is situated at Elkaduwa area in Matale

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Pahiyangala Lena ( Fa Hien Cave )

Pahiyangala Cave ( Fa-Hien Lena ) – Kalutara

This place is located in the village of Yatagampitiya in Sri Lanka which is also known as Pahiyan Lena. It’s the largest cave on the island and one of the largest natural rock foundations in all of Asia. The cave was also the location of anextraordinary archaeological sighting that excavated human skulls dating back at

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Kuragala Ancient Buddhist Monastry

The place of Kuragala is a significant archaeological site containing of an initial human reimbursement during the past period and ruins of earliest Buddhist Cave temple complex. It’s dating back to the 2ndcenturyin Balangoda of Sri Lanka. It is placed on the Balangoda – Kaltota road nearly 24 km distance from the Balangoda town. The

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Virtual Tour of Ella Rock | Ella

You Can Watch Our Virtual Tours From Google Cardboard VR Box 360,Samsumg Gear VR, Oculus Rift VR, Oculus Quest VR, HTC Vive VR, Playstation 4 VR Headset, PSVR..All you need is a Virtual Reality headset and a Virtual Reality video. Enjoy 😉 We are eager and happy to share with you our collections of Virtual

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Little Adam’s Peak (Ella) – Punchi Sri Padaya

Ella is an exclusive hiking hotspot in the mountain in the country of Sri Lanka. Some of the views from hikes in Ella are remarkable with the region well known for its tea plantations and great mountain ranges. Little Adam’s Peak is the perfect journey that is specially for an unforgettable and amazing sunset view,

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Mihinthalaya Rock

Mihinthalaya – The Rock of Buddhists

Mihinthalya is an important place in amazing Sri Lanka which is a mountain peak in Anuradhapura. It’s said to be the point of meeting between Mahinda, The Buddhist monk who arrived from India and King Devanampiyatissa. And the formed expounded the doctrine of Buddhism which was the opening point of Buddhism in Sri Lanka. Mihinthalaya

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A beautiful morning at Meemure Village

Meemure Village – The Best Camping Spot

Meemure is a sleepy and calm place to except that according to the residents of the area. So basically Visitors were gone to chill, to camp or explore. Travellers can enjoy at watering holes and while it was annoying to deal with overly-friendly drunkles even they were not able to completely detract from the splendor

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Top of Riverston Peak

Riverston Peak – The Mini Knuckle Hike

Hiking in Riverston, Mathale in Sri Lanka was an unexpected highest on my journey throughout the island. Riverston is a region best defined by the popular term that off the beaten path. In several hours and then embarked on a hike up the Riverston mountains to eventually find a peak. The hike in Riverston hike

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