Sembuwatta Lake – Matale , Sri Lanka

Matale Sembuwatta Lake

This attractive site of Lake is sited in Elkaduwa, Matale in Sri Lanka. Sembuwatta Lake is a tourist attracted and an elegant site of visit in Sri Lanka. And recently got high popular among local and foreign travelersgoing to places of interest as less crowded sites. This lake is situated at Elkaduwa area in Matale District of Sri Lanka. And this is next to to the Campbell’s Lane Forest Reserve.

This Lake has a quiet and gorgeous human-made lake which made up of natural spring water and ithas natural spring water. Alongside the lake is a natural swimming pool andthe Lake is deep in 9 m to 12 m. A pleasant place to spend a day and Cool and charming environment. But hard roads for cars. Driving in the rainy season, it is really an adventure and appropriate for children too.There is a devoted swimming pool for them and also, Night camping is allowable and food.

Sembuwatta Lake also has a natural swimming pool. The lake procedures electricity to the many villages in that area making it a lifeline for the locals as well as a good-lookingaccumulation to the long list of charms in Sri Lanka. The Sembuwatta Lake has stunning pine trees, which are situated on top of the mountain and it is an embodiment of grand experience.It is a well-known place for picnics, hiking, and nature trails.

As a nice place to spend a day, Sembuwatta Lake is feltcool and enchanting environment. It’s suitable for children too, there is a dedicated swimming fool for them. And also, wedding photographers and the photo lovers will enjoy this place.It’s worth going through the tough pathway. Wonderful nature scenic place to relax who can visit this amazing place in Sri Lanka. Those who love nature and be ready for good scenes. Beautiful and quite calm place are limited but this place can be enjoyed the nature. Better place for family and kids and friends and also for couples to get photos and have a good relaxation. It’s also a nice place for wedding photography and Nature Photography.

If you are traveling on public transport, go to Matale bus stand before 9.00 am andbus to Sembuwatta leaves at 9.00 am. Otherwise, there won’t be any buses to Sembuwatta until afternoon.It’s worth going through the hardway. Wonderful nature scenic place to relax. Entrance ticket of Sembuwatta is Rs.200 per person above 10 yrs. It will take a few hours and better take meals or order downhill near the ticket issuing place. Price for Boat riding is Rs .250 and Cable traveling above the lake price is Rs. 300 per person in that place.

It has got misty and chilly climate in there. Sembuwatta lake is very popular among Local and foreign travelers. This lake is bounded by tea plantation& pine trees. However,Sembuwatta Lake is the best place to visit with family. And also, it is very calmful area  to relax and lake is very massive and very beautiful outlook. This attractive lake was breathtaking and the cool breeze was amazing. You can walk around the whole lake and the uneven and natural foot path make it more adventurous.