Riverston Peak – The Mini Knuckle Hike

Top of Riverston Peak

Hiking in Riverston, Mathale in Sri Lanka was an unexpected highest on my journey throughout the island. Riverston is a region best defined by the popular term that off the beaten path. In several hours and then embarked on a hike up the Riverston mountains to eventually find a peak. The hike in Riverston hike begins at the Riverston Telecommunications Tower. You can park your vehicle near a small river and began the trek from there towards the mountains.The hike looks out over the knuckles mountain range and the surrounding highlands.

Riverston Peak
Riverston Peak

Located approximately 30 km from the Mathale town when travelling on Mathale town when travelling on Mathale-Giradurukotte road rather windy with quite a few footprints turns but in good condition that offers great views all around with mini worlds end.

Climatic conditions here are very similar to Horton Plains with the addition of having two great waterfalls “Sera Ella” and “Bambarakiri Ella”. Both of these waterfalls are a site for sore eyes that don’t forget to relax on the rock seats of “Sera Ella relishing the cold misty spray of water on your face and Thelgamu Oya offers a great site for a dip in crystal clear but chilly water.

The end of the hike ends with a sharp 300 m drop which can be made for some pretty epic photos. From here you can chill and take in the views of the Thelgamuwa Valley that the terraced rice fields and knuckles mountain range. The hike is 5km long but not incredibly difficult although the constant incline means you need to be prepared to swat in the tropical conditions. If you would like to visit there is actually a really cool tour that takes you from Kandy on a hike to see the knucklesmountain range as you enjoy the beautiful views during a full day adventure that includes pick-up and drop off from Kandy.

Travelling further upstream on this very scenic stream will no doubt will no doubt will make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. We recommend that you plan a trekking trip to the mist clad Riverston peak as it offers some of the greatest views of central hills across the mini world en which ends in a sheer drop of 300 m offering a great vist a especially of the “Knuckles range” which is unique to the central hills of Sri Lanka.

With the climates very similar to Horton Plains where the World’s End is located that Riverston trek which is a visitor can enjoy the refreshing cold quick cooling dip or even just a splash before or after a long arduous trek. The countryside along the trek has views of the terraced paddy fields, unique to some mountainous regions around the world and that of the beautiful green central Highland.

The majority of the hike runs through the forest making it incredibly clammy and sweaty. The beauty of this Riverston hike was that we only had to hustle up the mountain for just over an hour before enjoying the epic viewpoint. It was a huge reward for insignificant effort!