Little Adam’s Peak (Ella) – Punchi Sri Padaya

Ella is an exclusive hiking hotspot in the mountain in the country of Sri Lanka. Some of the views from hikes in Ella are remarkable with the region well known for its tea plantations and great mountain ranges. Little Adam’s Peak is the perfect journey that is specially for an unforgettable and amazing sunset view, If you want to like from these best views without needing to hike for hours.

            The Second hike in Ella is Little Adam’s Peak which is in between the two longer ones. It is a fairly easy to hike and the path is marked by signs.Then, it’s easy to find the way where should we go! And also,you can expect to meet many other people from all over the world on this trip! Because of that all the tourists love to visit this view very much.

The Little Adam’s Peak got it’s named after its big brother which the holy mountain Adam’s Peak. Because of it has similar shape to Adam’s Peak. Adam’s Peak is located further west in Sri Lanka and close to Nuwara Eliya. And it has 2243 m high and it’s a more exhausting and more challenging climb Experience! However, the mountain has three names.Adam’s Peak as this is where Adam first set foot on earth after being cast out of heaven, Sri Padaya as Buddha’s footprint left by the Buddha who headed towards paradise and Samanala kandeas Butterfly Mountain where butterflies go to die.

The pathway of the hill to Little Adam’s Peak is very easy to find because of the way is marked within signs which are showing the way next to the 98 Acres Resort to the right of this white Buddha. And the beginning of thispathway goes through beautiful green tea plantations and full of tea picking ladies.Little Adam’s Peak has 1141 m high which is fairly easy to climb with a good path all the way up.

The trip took at about 2-3 hours in total that including picture taking. And also met some Norwegians on our way up which we stopped and talked to for a while. You can have a great walk up to Little Adam’s Peak. It is not a challenging hike because it’s fairly short journey.But itmakes you a good impression of the land around Ella which is showing the view is very fantastic! So absolutely worth the climb! If you don’t have that much time in Ella, highly recommend taking the hike up to Little Adam’s Peak.

From the basic thing of the journey in Ella, you can walk about 1.5kms to the start for thetrip. You can park your car of vehicle out the front of the restaurant and hit the trail. The map below shows you the location of Little Adam’s Peak as also known as Mini Adam’s Peak. And also, you can also see where the trail hits the main road. An alternate entering way is also located at 98 acres resort and marked by a white Buddha.

Little Adam’s Peak lets thrill-seekers clean these stunning sceneries that are made up of compactly covered jungle and cliff drops. You need enough money to moderate hiking and trekking opportunities for the highflier of today, adventurers are advised to commence their journeys from Ella town from where the summit of the mountain is a measly around 3 km away. And, the best time to pay a visit to Little Adam’s Peak would be either during early morning or late evening.