Pahiyangala Lena ( Fa Hien Cave )

Pahiyangala Cave ( Fa-Hien Lena ) – Kalutara

This place is located in the village of Yatagampitiya in Sri Lanka which is also known as Pahiyan Lena. It’s the largest cave on the island and one of the largest natural rock foundations in all of Asia. The cave was also the location of anextraordinary archaeological sighting that excavated human skulls dating back at

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Kuragala Ancient Buddhist Monastry

The place of Kuragala is a significant archaeological site containing of an initial human reimbursement during the past period and ruins of earliest Buddhist Cave temple complex. It’s dating back to the 2ndcenturyin Balangoda of Sri Lanka. It is placed on the Balangoda – Kaltota road nearly 24 km distance from the Balangoda town. The

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Ravana Cave

Ravana Cave ( Ravana Guhawa ) – Ella

 For almost every story there’s a villain who abducts the lass and try to approach victory but have you ever heard of a demon king who abducted a princess and kept her in a cave for a long period of time for exact vengeance? If you’re a massive globetrotter who love places that revolves around

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Dambulla Royal Cave Temple

Dambulla Cave Temple | The Amazing Golden Temple

The Modern Golden Temple with one of the largest Lord Buddha Statues and climb you way up to the rock temples where you will discover the ancient cave temples. You will be amazed by the artistic capabilities of the artificers who have lived thousands of years back and creativity, consideration to feature that they possess.

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