Makeli Ella Falls | Most Popular Waterfall in Kalutara

Makeli Ella Falls

You might have seen brides on their wedding day dressed up in a white long dress with a white long veil on her head. The bride’s veil adds up more beauty to her face but have you ever seen or heard about a natural bride’s veil adding up beauty to its country while flowing calm as it can? We bet you haven’t.


  The natural bride’s veil in Sri Lanka is the magnificent Makeli Ella . It’s popular among people as ‘’The Bride’s Veil’’ because of its white foamy water which keeps sliding like a long white fabric through the giant rocks. Plus, it’s an absolutely celestial location to have a great splash time under the sun while capturing some awesome photographs.

                If you’re looking for a stunning destination to escape from the exhaustion, Makeli Ella is the exact spot for you to make memories for a lifetime. If you already fell in love with Makeli Falls and got the curiosity to know more about it, keep reading until the end to find out more interesting facts about this glorious cascade.

How to get to Makeli Ella

                     Makeli Ella is a very popular cataract in the Western Province of Sri Lanka. It’s situated in the Kalutara district. This fabric-like cascade is created by a branch river named Makeli Oya which belongs to the Kalu Ganga.

Entrance and Car Parking at Makeli Ella Falls
Entrance and Car Parking at Makeli Ella Falls

                    This cataract can be easily reached from a main road. Then you can find Lathpandura while travelling from Mathugama – Agalawatte direction. Once you’ve reached Lathpandura, you have to lead your way to Malkawa Road towards Kelin Kanda.

                 The path at the Kelin Kanda area is very serene and it includes with a sunless greenwood where you can feel a mellow climate. There is a stage constructed near the Makeli Ella Waterfall where you can have a nice view. In fact, Makeli Oya power station is located near to this waterfall hence through google maps you can find the directions for ‘’The Bride’s Veil’’ easily.

More about This Place

                   The Makeli Ella Falls is about 10 metres tall and as described earlier, it appears as a sheer white veil spilling off a bride’s headpiece. This astonishing bride’s veil have thieved so much of tourist hearts and that’s the reason why it had named as one of the most tourist attracted places in Sri Lanka.

                This fall is surrounded with weather – eroded granite stones. It flows amidst a scenic part of Kalutara named Thumodara. The water flows down and forms a pool at the bottom as a fairytale – like islet river basin going six metres downhill and then it meets the Kuda River and mingles the sea through the Kalu River.

Caution Note

Kind Reminders

                             Do not get into the water in the base pool no matter how best a swimmer you are. According to the records, almost thirty nine lives were lost due to the sheer depth. However, be very careful when you’re swimming or use the platform built for observations to safely admire the beauty of the fall.

                            When travelling all around the world in search of euphoric destinations, you have to be responsible on conserving the environment because you should keep in mind to remain these amazing places for the future generations. Thereupon:

  • Don’t leave garbage or throw anything in the water. Put waste to the bins provided.
  • Don’t engage in acts that would damage the flora and fauna.
  • Avoid alcohol in the premises.




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