Duwili Ella Waterfall – Walawe Ganga East Fall

Duwili Ella is rooted three kilometers off in the Balangoda – Kalthota main road and it is nearby through a way running across thick jungle plentifully sprinkled with some of the endemic trees and bushes endemic to Sri Lanka. Once you leave the main entry into the domain of wilderness cut across by the road, you would discovery yourself isolated in an alien land with nothing sign of human settlement or sound excepting for the miserable call of a peacock or the sharpscream of cicalas.

After at about two kilometers walk, you will come up to a broad landscape opening up to a magnificent landscape with clouds wingedin contrast to the setting of blueish green mountains going from view into thehorizon.Another one kilometer walks down the jungle will bring you in close closeness to a restaurant which provides essential food and beverages and appropriately serves as the refreshing resort for exhausted visitors.

Kumara Lankabarana who is the manager of this wilderness resort that explanations as “The fall is half a kilometer away from here. Many visitors and cheerful travelers crowd mostly on weekends. They actually have a fun because dissimilar other waterfalls and Duwili Ella has exclusiveadmirations. Unique specially in the charming surroundings and the remarkably big rock pool. We have here every facility for visitors.But we every so often get complaints about the behavior of monkeys who steal things from the visitors’ bags. They have a delightful talentto opening bags though the owners are full to the edge with joy at the falls. So, it is greatest to make preparations to keep the bags in a secure place.”

Attraction with a combination of risky charm and mysterious setting.Words can no way to do sufficient reasonableness to the gorgeous scene and the mood it makes a visitor. Duwili Ella more bears and popular mythologies which combination the waterfall with wonderful natural foundations and singularitieshard or incredible to realize. It is said as a gold-colored giant conger with a golden ring in its mouth is rarely seen to appear and swiftly disappear into the pool which is very deep. People under the misunderstanding that the waterfall that under the inspiration of the directly above said conger as takes someone’s life every year as a prey at the same time. In the first place, these opinions are completely misleading and have nothing to do with the rule of nature.

The mesmerizesof a visitor in this region is the occurrence of peacocks and other wild birds on the way. Now and then a couple of peacocks are seen hurrying into the bushes nearby and a complex combination of bird fills the fullin jungle.However, Duwili Ella and its natural backgrounds have ahuge hazard from the actions of human. Lots of Visitors who go to visit the Ella often put Polyethene, bottles and throw them around. Don’t destroy these places which are beaty our environment and let’s protect our nature.