Aerial View

Aerial Virtual Tour of Batticaloa Town

Batticaloa is a major city in the Eastern Province, Sri Lanka, and its former capital. It is the administrative capital of the Batticaloa District. The city is the seat of the Eastern University of Sri Lanka and is a major commercial city. It is on the east coast, 111 kilometres (69 mi) south of Trincomalee,

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Aerial Virtual Tour of Kande Viharaya Temple – Alutgama

Aluthgama Kande viharaya is a major Buddhist temple in kalutara district. The temple has got its name ‘’Kande vihara’’ as it is built on top of a hill. located near to Aluthgama town. Kande Vihara Temple is very famous among the Sri Lankan’s for Poojas to Devotees.This sacred place was founded by Venerable Karapagala Dewamitta Thero in about 1734 on

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360 Aerial View of Nuwara Eliya Town

Nuwara eliya is a city in the hill country of sri lanka.its temperate climate gives the city a very different feel from other parts of the country and along with the colonial architecture,has earned its the name”Little England”.Pedro tea factory offers fascinating the hills near by there are paths through the tea plantations to wonder along.

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