Wadduwa Beach -The Wide Sandy Seashore

Wadduwa Beach

Amazing beautiful beach the sea was too rough to swim in but we did paddle and walked along the water edge of ages. All things are good and beautiful sunrises and sunsets. You can get relaxing sea waves around you. And the ocean water was so warm, sand, and currently ok even with children to visit and enjoy this place. Actually, this is one of the main attractions of the coastal town that stretches continuously for a long distance. It is quite popular among local and foreign tourists alike due to the bright, sunny skies, great views of the sunset and the golden shores. There are plenty of restaurants, hotels and other type accommodations by the beach.

Beautiful Sunset at Wadduwa Beach
Beautiful Sunset at Wadduwa Beach

Most of tourists like to lovely villas in peaceful setting and lovely pool. And also the beach is long and empty most of the time plenty of space and definitely not crowded with tourists. The waves are great fun but can a little rough in the afternoon. I watched the fisherman go out in their boat and drop a massive net in the sea and pull in their catch. Everyone comes to help them. We also sat on the beach and watched the sunset which was amazing. It is a nice place to visit in Sri Lanka to relaxing your own mind. And you can enjoy and relax & even have a bath. As its close to most hotels & resorts in Wadduwa if one stays in any of the surrounding hotels or guest houses that one has access to the Beach.

Located on the south-western coast belt from 36 km of Colombo in the island which is this seashore is nestled among Coconut trees, golden sands and clear blue sky. Families, Couples and Group of friends are gathering in this Beach in Wadduwa to relax vacation destination for you all. Not like the other beach towns, this place doesn’t have the nightlife that take in clubs and bars but emphases more on hotel activities and campfires at this beautiful beach in Wadduwa.

If you are an early riser, don’t miss out on discovering the morning gatherings where fishermen sell their catch of the day. The types of fish you can see at these markets will amaze you and leave you wondering what life is like when living on an island. However, this beach is perfect for a long stroll to dinner and helps you wind down like never before. If you want Ayurveda treatments and holistic healing is inner calling that Wadduwa has a great choice of spas and evacuations that cater to your needs. From charming budget hotels to luxury resorts that Wadduwa has it all and since most of the places are on the beachfront which can be seen from your balcony.

Wadduwa beach fringed with lavish coconut palm groves is a luxurious tropical hideaway. And the beach is good as a holiday terminus with safe swimming conditions. I think all you can relax by this place as you love. Because the wind, sand, sea waves and blue sky can change your feelings. Lovely surrounding of the Wadduwa Beach is an amazing spot to visit your journey. So, try to get there and enjoy the beauty of this Wide Sandy Seashore in Wadduwa, Sri Lanka.