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Thalpe Beach | Enjoy with This Rock Pools

Thalpe Beach is an interesting and fantasying place in Sri Lanka which can be impression of our Hearts on freedom. Thalpe Beach is a situated in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka that is closed to the city of Galle. It is a popular destination among both locals and foreigners. There are vibrant shops, restaurants and various water sports related accomplishments to do in the nearby area of Thalpe.

Thalpe is quiet town nestled away from the hustle and bustle of the major towns situated in the southern coastal belt. Thalpe town is occupied with history, adventure, culture and cuisine along with the Thalpe Beach which is a rather clean and calm beach. Stilt fishermen are commonly seen in this coastline town and it is a great way to learn more about the way of life in this attractive coastal town.

Rock Pools at Thalpe Beach
Rock Pools at Thalpe Beach

According to the villagers the rock pools were cut out of the corals around 50 years ago and it was used to soak coconut husks in order to separate the coconut coir. Rock pool Beach best time to visit is early morning from March to April. At other times the pools are filled with sand. From Galle travel along the Matara Road for approximately 11.2km to reach Thalpe where is the Thalpe Beach is situated. 

Nowadays, Thalpe Beach is one of the most attractive place for travelling and enjoying through the swimming. Most of the Visitors travel this place after the travelling Galle fort. Thalpe Beach is the only one place which is in Sri Lankan travelling like this place. Therefore, many Tourists prefer to enjoy with this rock pools. If you visit this beach, you can get lot of wow feeling and amazing more than more. Thalpe Beach has a specific experience and humorous things.

Rock Pools at Thalpe Beach

Both of happiness and attention must need for swimming and joying in this place. Many Foreigners and Local tourists have injured their lives over the attention. Then, all the visitors should give your attention first to save your life. Before travelling the Thalpe Beach, you find out the information and other details about this place which is good. I think that guide also help you to grab your knowledge and preparation your safety first. Again, I like to say both of Happiness and Safety must be balanced.

However, Thalpe Beach is very attractive water color and the sand. It makes very uncommon look which is given comparable environment other than Beach areas. Further, Thalpe Area is very impression view for travelling because it makes lots of freedom, amazing, happy and full of joy. Thus, Thalpe Beach is the one of most attractive place which is you visited definitely. And also, we have a responsibility to safeguard these natural places in our best and kind to keep it in your mind. 

 Thalpe Beach has many sea animals which are sometimes effect to your skin. All visitors are kind to not interrupt them. And also, all visitors should be kind to protect this place and clean the surrounding of Thalpe Beach area. Some People are throwing plastic bottles, polythene and etc. That is harm to the sea animals and other global accomplishments. Let’s protect these natural travelling places of Sri Lanka.

Article & Photos by 360view.lk Team

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