Ranmasu Uyana – The Cryptic Gate of the Universe

Ranmasu Uyana is an ancient place of Sri Lanka which is located in the Golden city of Anuradhapura. There is an amazing and unexplained artifact of ancient civilization of Sri Lanka carved on the rock in Ranmasu Uyana. This artifact is called “Sakwala Chakraya”, also known as “The Star Gate of Sri Lanka”. It is sandwiched between the Thissa Wewa Reservoir and the Isurumuniya Rock Temple. All of them are creating the pleasure garden of the ancient Sri Lanka royals that are the secrets still mysterious by modern Knowledge. It is possibly one of the most hidden mysteries of Human Civilization.

A pond at Ranmasu Uyana
A pond at Ranmasu Uyana

Sakwala Chakraya looks like to be a carving on the surface of a granite rock as some kind of a “weird circular diagram”. It’spettily on the steeply projecting rock face and look like a great Chakra which is in 6 ft in diameter. On it there are oblong divisions that comprise figures that the whole girt as a typed wheel by a band. Then the Chakra is displayed uneven piscine and crayfish life swimming in a circle from right to left. However, the Sakwala Chakra is located just beyond the northern boundaries of Isurumuniya Rock Temple at the very foot of the edge of the Tisa Wawa tank. This place is also known as “Ranmasu Uyana” which means the garden of Golden fishes in ponds.

According to the Legends, Ranmasu Uyana was in this Royal Park that King Dutugamunu’s only son Prince Saliya met Ashokamala and renounced the power out of love for her.The pleasure Garden was also known as Magul Uyana and served as an ancient recreation park once enjoyed by a succession of royals of ancient Anuradhapura over the centuries. 

Ranmasu Uyana in Anuradhapura attracts quite a lot of attention grabbing after the Sigiriya. The ornately laid-out garden complex epitomizes antique Sri Lanka’s creative landscape architecture and engineering excellence.And also, Ranmasu Uyana is an ancient royal park which is linked to a system of water hydraulics that chimney through pools. The water is then released into the nearby agricultural lands. The Park covers around 12 hectares in lot of beautiful flowers, vines, shrubs, trees, ponds etc.A Pilgrim who visits Isurumuniya does not forget to visit the Ranmasu Uyana.

Although the south end of the tiles is mostly in ruins today, the topographical features of the park that consists of natural landscape and formal structures of buildings can still be observedby way of any visitor. Ranmasu Uyana showcases natural boulder and caves that were once used for consideration by monks who resided in Isurumuniya Temple. On the rock are fragments of a pleasure compartment that overlooked the garden and pools. Below the platform, there is a pavilion inside which there is reclining couch made out of stone. Sprinkled around the park are three bathing ponds in different sizes.

However the true wonder of Ranmasu Uyana is found among the rock boulders and caves away from the pools. Ranmasu Uyana is a good place to visit as an ancient attractive place to visit Sri Lanka. The heritage of our ancient places must be protected for our future generations. Nowadays, Ranmasu Uyana is also ruins. But the unique creation of Ranmasu Uyana is an impressive and excellent place to visit Sri Lanka. If you visit this place you can get more knowledge from the guiders and you can see the beauty of these creations. Actually, the Cryptic Gate of Ranmasu Uyana is one of the best places to visit Sri Lanka.