Kumari Ella Falls (Avissawella)

Kumari Ella Falls

Kumari Ella is 4 m Waterfall in Puwakpitiya, Avissawella. It is just about an hour and half of travel time from Colombo. This little cascade has a deep plunge pool at its base that is extremely dangerous to swim. Kumari Ella gains its name Kumari that the daughter of King Rajasinghe | of Sitawaka who died by drowning threre. The waterfall of Kumari Ella is quite powerful despite its being of very low in height. The reason for this is because of very low in height. The reason for this is because the Waterfall is created by four different streams joining near this point which later meets up with the major river Kelani.

Kumari Ella Falls
Kumari Ella Falls

To get the waterfall one has to travel approximately 2 km along Thummodara-Puwakpitiya Road, until reaching Hewahinna Road. On turning off onto this road that runs alongside a tiny shop, travel a further half kilometer until passing a large rocky mound. The waterfall trail is just 50 m past this on the left. You will reach the waterfall after a bit a steep climb down into a little canyon.

Being one of the very few waterfalls situated within the Colombo District is Kumari Ella has been a very popular destination due to its easy accessibility. Although, quite small in size compared to other famous waterfalls found in the country. It is no less in beauty and grandeur. In the Past, this waterfall has also been known as “Lelwala Ella”. In Sinhalese, “Kumari” means princess and “Ella” means waterfall.

Kumari Ella is a good safe place for family & children around the area is clean and water is very clean. Many people visit here in every weekend. Therefore don’t dump any garbage in here. Its popularity has been tarnishing her health. Today the natural pool beneath the waterfall is as known as “Kumari Wala”. It has become quite popular as a safe bathing spot among the villages as well as the travelers.

Travel Notes

  • It is not so difficult even for a vehicle with low ground-clearance, to go along the Hewainna Road. However, bad weather could make the road conditions worse.
  • Just like many other popular natural attractions, Kumari Ella has also suffered heavily from irresponsible tourists. Garbage can be seen around a lot, making it a very unpleasant scene. Also, be aware of any broken glass fragments as this is a very popular destination among the travelers who consume alcohol on the spot.
  • Always remember to check with locals about the weather patterns and the water level before getting into the water since raining upriver can result flash-floods.

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