Kithal Ella Falls – The Hidden Queen in Ella

Kithal Ella Falls

Kithal Ella Falls are situated in Ella Town. It stands at a height of 23 meter. It is a beautiful waterfall situated amidst a stunning backdrop and is best viewed during the rainy season. It is known to be as lovely as a snow queen during this period. The fall on the top is the most beautifully fall with the Blue water and shallow ends. During the rainy season, the waterfall is at its best and as beautiful as a snow queen that it cascades lusciously down in rhythm no other can match.

But during the dry season the waterfall dries up leaving a little stream of water tricking down which is a far cry from what it is during the rainy season. It is a nice place and you can reach to the waterfall without much danger. And also Kithal Ella falls is nice place for photography.Kithal Ella is nice place to dip your feet into the cold water after the hike up to Ella Rock. The View is nice but pales in comparison to cliffs up top.

How to reach there?

Kithal Ella is also a fabulous destination on the must-see list of the Ella town. Although it is quite hard to find an exact route for Kithal Ella if you decide to walk along the path of the Ella station to Kithal Station or use the train services from Ella Station of Kithal Station. The distance between Ella and Kithal Falls is just 2.4 km via the railway track.

Start the hike from Ella railway station along the track towards Kithalaella Station. Just before the station, there is a bridge which crosses over the stream that feeds the waterfall. Taking a small path toward your right you can reach the base of the fall. If you don’t like walking, you can take a tuk tuk from Ella town to reach the Kithal ella road. The final stretch of this road is not in a good condition hence vehicles with low ground clearance is not recommended.

How you feel the End up journey?

The Kithal Ella Fall is very pretty and unassuming waterfall having you ever seen. It hides an exciting secret in its midst. A dry but cool caves hidden behind the curtain of water as it flows down the rock face. It can be reached even when the waterfall is in full flow using the steps on the rock. It has a tendency to be greasy from the misty spray and moss though that care should be taken.

Kithal Ella is perfect for a family day outing with the base of the waterfall being good for bathing and a swim. And also, it is an amazing place for a picnic and the cool shade of the cave. There are places to discover nearby for the more adventurous too. Lots of little fish, bugs and frogs have been to see the colorful Out View all over the place.

However Kithal Ella Fall is a magical waterfall like a hidden Queen which is a place in attraction grabbing places in Sri Lanka. It contains lots of natural sources in our environment. If you visit to travel Kithal Ella, definitely you will wonder as this natural creation in Sri Lanka. And also, all the visitors are kind to keep their minds for protecting these natural heritages to our Future Generation. Let’s feel the nature through visiting the Kithal Ella Falls !