Kirinda Rajamaha Viharaya -The Place of Vihara Maha Devi

Kirinda Raja Maha viharaya

There is reigned over the western part of Ceylon by a king called Devanampiya tissa more than 2000 years ago. He was also called Kelani Tissaas Kelaniya was his capital. It isensued that this king believed he had decent reason to unsure a monk of the temple of selection a scheming between the queen and his brother accordingly down control over himself.He gave orders that the go-between be put to a painful death by involvement in a cauldron of boiling oil.

The ministers of state were perplexed the subjects of the empire were fright troubled. What was more, it gives the impression as if even the gods were infuriated. By way of chastisement, they produced the ocean to flood the land – and practice holds that unevenly a fifteen-mileribbon of coast line which means a yodun in the king’sland was washed away.Moved to repentance, Kelani Tissa thought out a method by which he could apologize for his disrespectful act. He strategic as a disadvantage that something which he considered would not only bring compulsorily to the minds of his subjects the seriousness of his penitence but would also appease the deities.

He built a boat of gold. He on condition that it with food and water to last a month and within he placed his oldest daughter the incomparable princess of the land. Behavior an engraving which made known to all that it limited a king’s daughter, the boat was cast adrift. A fisherman roaming the sea-coast spied many days later anoutlandish craft cast aground at a spot called Dovera near Kirinda., He beheld the princess and directlydecided the news to the king of the southern kingdom of Rohana where Kavantissa reigned at Magama for coming earlier.This king Kavantissa got married the most basic who had been carried to him so lovingly by intention and all are called her Vihara Maha Devi.

On the session of the projection nearby attitudes a dagoba created as a thank impact for the harmless voyage of the princess. According to scholars the royal court of arms that the sun and the moon to cut on a boulder neighboring whichremembers this event and marks the landing place.Kavantissa officially greeted and getmarried the princessin Gotimbaragodaella where About two miles inland from Kirinda are supposed to be the ruins of a palace.

And in the Ruhuna National Park near Palatupana are some antiquememorialsmentioned to as Magul Maha Vihara where it is supposed they lived after their marriage.However, these shrines and locations are subject to heavy debate by archaeologists and historians.Between the sand peaks of Pottuvil the archaeological replacement of Mudu Maha Vihara is also thought to be linked with Vihara Mahadevi.

Some researchers have faith in that this is the place where Queen Vihara Mahadevi and her backup were washed aground and not Kirinda. Far away it is also whisperedwhich the attractive village of Komari just a few miles away. King Kavan Tissa asked where the princess was after unearthing the container at sea. From now was marked into the name tothis village as Komari.In close nearness at Lahugala attitudes the ruins of Kavantissa’s palace complex and the remains of an interesting building named the Magul Maduwa where the marriage ceremony of King Kavantissa to Vihara Mahadevi is supposed to have been celebrated.