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Dambulla Royal Cave Temple

The Modern Golden Temple with one of the largest Lord Buddha Statues and climb you way up to the rock temples where you will discover the ancient cave temples. You will be amazed by the artistic capabilities of the artificers who have lived thousands of years back and creativity, consideration to feature that they possess. The Ancient Rock Temple at Dambulla with the history behind is a must do for any visitors that come to Sri Lanka, located in the center of Cultural Three-way relationship that easy to get by from Kandy, Sigiriya, Polonnaruwa from Anuradhapura.

Dambulla is a large town situated in Mathele District. It is also given the little of a World heritage Site. The town’s most absorbed element seems to be the time period of its construction. It’s glory is familiar and that is why it holds the title of a world heritage site that Dambulla Cave Temple dishonesties in the central part of the country and is also known as the Golden Temple. People from daydreaming places come to see the cultural beauty with their own eyes. Through the caves and the golden temple attracts many visitors and pilgrims it will give your mind and body peaceful treat. The enthusiasts will offer flowers and worship and ancient beauty will captivate your thoughts and get them in to peace.

Buddha Statue in  Dambulla Royal Cave Temple
Buddha Statue in Dambulla Royal Cave Temple

Inside the caves around the golden temple there are painting and statues sprinkled all over that all related to the life of Gautama Buddha, his life and the events that took place in it. There are five caves in Dambulla Temple. All of these caves arc full of status of Buddha and various dignitaries of the Buddhist Order or History. There are one hundred and fifty Buddha images in these caves. All of the other caves enclose and paintings instead of numerous periods of Sinhalese monument and painting. The early paintings of Dambulla are believed by some to belong to the 8th Century.

The shape of the Letter of all the short inscription in Brahmi from at Dambulla is distinctly those of the first Century at that time there was only one king known as Abhaya also known as Vattagamini Abhaya. This leaves no hesitation that the king Abhaya referred to in the above engraving Vattagamini Abhaya. Nowadays, Dambulla became a popular place of residence of Buddhist monks at least from the reign of this king. Vattagamani Abhaya is one of the few kings of ancient Sri Lanka.

The Golden Temple which gives this place celebrity is parts of a huge cavern in the west side of the rock, at the height of about three hundred and fifty feet above the plain. It is essentially natural and very little to do excavating it. The tradition has it that some of the caves were excavated by King Vattagamani Abhaya in the first century. It can be concluded that king and his successors in benefaction to this place had to enlarge and smoothen the caves along the rock to protect the caves from rain water.

However, Dambulla cave Temple is a magnificent place to visit and worship the Lord Buddha. It is very attractive grabbing and more pleasurable visiting place in Sri Lanka. As The Modern styled caved Temple, it is one of the most popular Temple in Sri Lanka. Natural surrounding makes more relaxing feelings to the Visitors. Most of Visitors like to travel this Modern Golden Temple.

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