Abhayagiri Dagaba (Anuradhapura)

Abhayagiri Dagoba Anuradhapura

Anuradhapura is the Golden Capital of ancient Sri Lanka which remains the major Buddhist religious center for more than 2000 years. The tallest brick-built stupas of the ancient world such as Ruwanwelisaya , Abhayagiri and Jetawana Dagaba were constituted the central edifices of the monasteries. Abhayagiri stupa is the one of special sacred place in Anuradhapura which has the great attractions. 

The Twin ponds belonging to the Abhayagiri monastery is the impressive eye-catching creation in Anuradhapura. Further, Double Pond decked with beautiful fights of steps in a stepped form is considered as one of the architectural wonders of the time. The monument was built for the use of Buddhist monks of the nearby “Kapararama” monastic establishment. The great building epoch was when huge monastery complex and some of the tallest buildings in the ancient world were built. 

Abhayagiri Stupa/Abhayagiri Dagoba
Abhayagiri Stupa/Abhayagiri Dagoba

The Abhayagiri Stupa stands majestically at a 235 hectare land at the northern part of the ancient Anuradhapura. Abhayagiri Stupa was built by King Gajabahu to a height of 115m. It is considered as the largest Stupa in the world that only a little shorter than Jethawanarama which is 120m. It is said that the stupa is built over Footprint of the Lord Buddha and it is one of the eight great places of veneration in Anuradhapura. The Abhayagiri Stupa has an inner terrace and an outer terrace enclosed by walls. The Outer terrace was scattered with sand. And the inner terrace is paved with stone. The Rainy water is falling on the massive bounce of land that was exhausted into four ponds built near the Stupa Grounds. Nowadays, exposed parts of the outer covering of the stupa are covered by vegetation.

During the second period of Vattagamini Abhaya in the first century which has been under conditional for a very long time. The original construction of the Stupa of Abhayagiri Stupa belongs to the second century. It was enlarged in the second century. The Stupa had been reestablished several times by several kings beginning with King Gajabahu during the period between 7th century and 8th century. And also, the yupa stone had been removed and replaced with conical spire and a solid cubical block.

The Ancient Stupa of Abhayagiriya which was built by King Vattagamini Abhaya is situated to the northern side of the Sri Mahabodhi and the Ruvanvali stupa. Actually, it is built on a square platform and there are four entrances from all four sides. Further, there is the four frontispiece sculptured with figure of animals and trees. Having been 300ft high, it is considered as the second tallest brick-built monument of the time. Most archeologists are said that there were 5000 monks living at the Abhayagiri Vihara as against 3000 monks of Mahavihara.

At Present, Abhayagiri Stupa is the main attraction place of this aramic complex. And also, this monument is carrying a special importance in ancient Sri Lankan Stupas as the top servings of the original stupa still survives after thousand years of negligence that is giving an indication to what it would have looked like thousand years ago.  Abhayagiri Monastery is one of the most interesting and impressive quarters to visit as an attention-grabbing place in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka.


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