5 Ways View Point- Best Things to in Koggala

Hawker Siddeley HS-748 Airplane at 5 Ways View Point Koggala

Koggala is a little seaside town that is arranged at the edge of a tidal pond on the south shoreline of Sri Lanka. It is situated in Galle District, Southern Province of Sri Lanka. Koggala is limited on one side by a reef and on the other by an expansive lake of Koggala Lake which is the various tributaries of the Koggala Oya. 

Place of 5 Ways View Point Koggala
Place of 5 Ways View Point Koggala

The ways of main Road way, Railway, Lake Way, Sea way and the Air way view can be seen only in Koggala, Sri Lanka. It is a best combination in attraction and the journey was made easier. Thus, we called it 5 Ways View Point for Koggala. It is an impressive View forces for visiting these ways. Lots of experiences can be got from go to see these ways as different each way. Definitely, your journey will fulfill happiness, joy, freedom and several wonders too much.

  1. Main Road Way

You can easily reach to Koggala by Bus or by your own vehicle from the main Road Way. If you hope to reach this place by Bus, you should catch the Matara-Colombo Bus to get down the Koggala Army Camp. It is the one of easy way to visit this 5 ways View point in Koggala which it makes nice journey for you.

  1. Rail Way

A Way to reach this View point is the Rail way which is I think that it is the best way to visit Koggala through feeling calm and free. And also, it is the low cost way with more feel free and you can watch the surrounding in Koggala town as you like. However, you should get the train in Matara side and get down from Habaraduwa station. After that you have come back few yards back.

  1. Lake way

Koggala Lake is one of the natural lakes in Sri Lanka. A number of islands are scattered in the lake among which the Temple Island, Modal Island, Madol Doova, Bird Island and Cinnamon Island are the most famous. The Lake is rich in Birdlife and mangroves and is a major attraction for tourists.

  1. Sea Way

Koggala has one of the longest shorelines in Sri Lanka. It is situated in closeness to the prevalent vacationer resort of Unawatuna which is Koggala in examinations in moderately uncluttered as a traveler goal and for the most part unexplored. With the longest beach and coastline of the country, Koggala has significantly caught tourist’s attention and now hosts thousands of tourists every year. The town was affected by the tsunami in 2004 that occurred in the Indian Ocean but it was restored with time.  

  1. Air way

The Air View of Koggala unfolds in myriad ways and with so much to see time is precious and travelling on land can get a little tedious. Then you can simply hop on a Sri Lankan air taxi and get a head start on your journey. If you love to fly in air way, you can enjoy breathtaking sceneries of this beautiful island from the air. Serenade your senses with a mesmeric bird’s eye view of this paradise isle and fall in love all over again as you wish.

Koggala is a land that truly blessed by Nature. Located on the Southern Coast of Sri Lanka which is this small town boasts an impressive number of attractions and is an area blessed with excellent View. Most of Visitors are interested to explore the sunset in this 5 ways View Point in Koggala. I think that the journey will be a full of happiness and joy with different experiences in your travelling life. Let’s travel the 5 Ways View Point in Koggala, Sri Lanka!


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