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The Award-Winning 360 Virtual Tour Portal in Sri Lanka

Since our inception in 2014, we embarked on a remarkable journey, capturing the essence of Sri Lanka’s attractions through captivating 360 virtual tours. As the largest Virtual Tours portal in the country, we take pride in offering an immersive experience to all, completely free of charge. Our dedication to sharing the beauty of Sri Lanka knows no bounds. Every corner, every landmark, meticulously curated to transport you virtually to our stunning island.

What is 360view.lk ?

The 360View.lk platform covers the most suitable and most beautiful places to visit in Sri Lanka.  This site has quality virtual tours, 360 VR Videos, videos and photos. Also, no such web page has been launched in Sri Lanka so far. This is the first time we bring you such a refreshing experience.

As mentioned above, we are ready to bring you all the details about the places to visit and historical places in Sri Lanka as a complete experience.  For example, if you are looking for a beautiful place in Sri Lanka, you have the opportunity to get all the features of the place through 360 view.lk such as photos, close-up photos, travelogues of the place, videos about that place, virtual video etc.  Its advantage is that once you have a full understanding of the relevant tour, both foreigners as well as local tourists will be able to visit those places easily and reliably.Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful islands in the world.  Therefore, there are many places in Sri Lanka that can be enjoyed by all, both foreign and local.  Therefore, our web page will not only enhance the attractiveness of the place and give you a clear idea of its limitations, but also enable you to grasp not only the tourist but also the educational necessities.


I’m Chathura Anuradha Subasinghe, the person who started 360view.lk. I began this project when I was 19 and learned a lot on my own. I also made Picture.lk , GuideMe , Sri Lanka VR, and Pano.Picture.lk to show off Sri Lanka. I like making useful tools on the internet that anyone can use for free and I love to work quietly.

In 2014, I came across Google Street View for the first time, and I was really excited about this technology. It got me thinking—I should use this 360-degree technology to showcase the beautiful places in Sri Lanka. But here’s the catch: I didn’t know anything about it. When I looked up virtual tours in Sri Lanka, there was just one website with less than 5 virtual tours of Sri Lankan places, and even that website hadn’t been updated.

Back then, I had a Canon 600d DSLR camera, but I was a newbie to photography. I had bought that camera to capture my travel memories. After I saw my first virtual tour on Google, I got curious and started searching for ways to create my own virtual tours. I read plenty of articles and watched videos to get the hang of it. Eventually, I realized that my camera alone wouldn’t cut it—I needed to get some extra gear and software to get started.

The snag was that I didn’t have much money at the time. So, I decided to kick off this project on a shoestring budget. I scoured ikman.lk for a used lens and found just one in the search results. Looking back, I think I got lucky, because that lens was a bit special and not commonly used in photography. I got my hands on it and started experimenting. Normally, people used a special tripod to take photos for virtual tours, but buying one wasn’t an option for me due to the cost. So, I improvised and took handheld shots. Let me tell you, it wasn’t a piece of cake. Now, onto the second part—photo stitching. This bit required a lot of time and effort, and it wasn’t exactly a walk in the park, but I approached it like a game.

After all my self-guided learning, I finally launched my very first virtual tour in July 2014. It was a tour of my village’s first school. Of course, there were some hiccups and mistakes in my initial attempts at virtual tours. But those bumps didn’t deter me—I embarked on a journey to cover the captivating attractions of Sri Lanka through my 360-degree virtual tours.

Me Exploring Anuradhapura During Our Virtual Tour Project in 2015


Below are a few of our significant milestones achieved since the launch:

2014 : Introducing Pano.Picture.lk VR Portal

In 2014, we introduced our cool VR platform, Pano.Picture. It had a few special virtual tours that took people to amazing places. We also called it 'Picture.lk VR.'

2015 : First Virtual Tour with support of VR

In a remarkable stride forward, we marked a milestone in 2015—introducing our inaugural virtual tour, made extraordinary with the help of VR. Imagine being in different places without actually going there! Our journey began with this achievement, blending technology to offer immersive experiences and changing the way we explore.

2017 : 1 Million Visits to watch the Virtual Tour

Achieving a remarkable feat, our virtual tour has welcomed over 1 million visits. Imagine, more than a million curious minds have embarked on a digital journey, exploring captivating destinations from the comfort of their screens.

2017 : Sri Lanka's 1st 360° Aerial Virtual Tour and Video

In the year 2017, we achieved something truly remarkable. We introduced Sri Lanka's very first 360° Aerial Virtual Tour and 360° Aerial Video. It was a huge leap forward for our project, like taking a giant step towards the sky to show everyone the beauty of our world from amazing angles.

2018 : E-Swabhimani Nationnal Award

In 2018, our first VR platform, Pano.Picture.lk, won a big award. It's called the E-Swabhimani National Award, in the Travel and Leisure Category. This award makes us really proud because it shows that people liked how we use technology to make fun travel experiences

2019 : SLT Zero One Awards

In 2019, we won another award for our Virtual Tour Project. We got the 'SLT Zero One Award' for making the best digital stuff in travel and leisure. It's like a big thumbs up for our cool digital journeys that people love

2019 : Introducing 360View.lk

In 2019, we made a special website called 360view.lk. It's like a digital hub full of cool stuff. You can see 360 virtual tours, watch videos, and look at photos. Some of them are even taken from way up high! We also have articles and pictures of beautiful places in Sri Lanka. This website was the first of its kind in Sri Lanka, giving people a new way to explore and enjoy.

2020 : Introducing " Sri Lanka VR " Mobile App

In the remarkable year of 2020, we introduced a marvel to the world—our very own 'Sri Lanka VR' App for Android. With a touch, a world of captivating beauty unfurls before you. Immerse yourself in the wonders of Sri Lanka, as if you're there, in a journey that fits right in your pocket.

2020 : E-Swabhimani Nationnal Award

In 2020, our first VR app, the 'Sri Lanka VR' Android App, won a special award. It's called the E-Swabhimani National Award, in the Travel and Leisure Category. This award makes us really happy because it shows that people liked our app for exploring cool places

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